7 Must-Have Vegan Cookbook For Vegan Beginners

· 670 words · about 3 minutes

As the awareness for animal welfare and climate change rises, more and more people are choosing a plant-based diet and shifting themselves into a vegan lifestyle. To be a healthy vegan, learning how to prepare nutritional meals while not sacr… Read more

Inspiration | 6 Benefits of Becoming Vegan

· 744 words · about 4 minutes

"If I have free will, why would I choose to be vegan and limit myself to only eating plants?" I used to go to steak night and chicken wing nights when I lived in Shanghai. If you told me I'll become vegan, I'd laugh, and that was no longer th… Read more

Recipe | Vegan Lasagna

· 754 words · about 4 minutes

Different from your usual tomato-sauce-based lasagna, this Vegan Lasagna from By Cafe in Ubud (one of our favorite 100% plant-based restaurants) adds a layer of curry mayo to revolutionize your taste bud! I couldn't get enough of it and used … Read more

Recipe | Turmeric Gingerade Probiotic Mocktail

· 342 words · about 2 minutes

Combining turmeric, ginger and lemon, jamu juice is a Balinese natural remedy and immune boosting elixir for all sorts of physical ailments from common cold, heart disease to impotence. In Bali, it's certainly the local answer when one finds … Read more

8 Favorite 100% Vegan Restaurants in Ubud

· 739 words · about 4 minutes

Located amongst rice paddies in the heart of Bali, Ubud is known for yoga retreats, ecstatic dance, kirtan, breath work sessions and its flourishing vegan food scene! If you are vegan, you are in heaven. If you are considering adopting a vega… Read more

Recipe | Eggless Omelette

· 336 words · about 2 minutes

I've never really needed a "plant-based substitute" for any animal products during my transition into vegan lifestyle as I believe that as long as we continue to consider food from the conditional mind - Thinking in terms of "meat, fish, dair… Read more

Recipe | Focaccia Genovese

· 185 words · about a minute

Run by a lovely Italian couple, Amami Canggu is an authentic 100% vegan Italian restaurant in Bali. The eatery itself is quaint and cozy, and we love their heartwarming, satisfying and delicious dishes! We had the pleasure to have them sharin… Read more