Bali Vegan Cookbook & Restaurant Guide - Physical Book + Balinese Temple Bracelet

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  1. Let Tim write a personal message inside your book, just tell us who it's for and what you would like to say.
  2. Temple Bracelets are worn by almost every Balinese person on the island. We have them hand-made & take them to be blessed by a Balinese healer which endows the recipient with love, courage, strength and abundance.
    The bracelet known as Tridatu, has 3 colors. The red symbolizes creativity and bravery, black is power and protection and white for spirituality and goodness.
    Tridatu also reminds us that life is not just one color but many colors. It is made sacred by blessing it with purified holy water.


  • Has 200 pages of inspiration and guidance. We have selected 60 awesome restaurants to share over 150 secret recipes (until now).
  • It is a guide to experiencing the best vegan meals in Bali, Lombok & the Gilis.
  • It is a damn good cookbook for those who wish to nourish, impress, delight or surprise their friends and family.
  • It includes benefit details about an ingredient in each recipe.
  • It is a keepsake for anyone who's visited Bali.
  • I hope it will inspire and motivate anyone who is considering evolving their diet to a more earth and animal friendly one.

"THIS IS A BOOK OF LOVE! It is for those who love to eat, who love to travel, who love to cook, who love Bali, who love animals and who love themselves.

This book is to inspire, motivate, guide and promote the joy of eating and the joy of living a nourished life using a whole-food plant-based diet as a foundation for chronic health and wellness. It’s okay if you’re not vegan, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR VEGANS, it is for culinary enthusiasts! I hope this book will give you a glimpse of what is possible when using a little imagination and creativity during your meal preparations. Get inspired and get cooking!

In today’s vegan world, there’s nothing to sacrifice in making the change to a plant-based diet. The best meals I’ve ever eaten didn’t come from my time spent in the kitchen with great chefs in the Virgin Islands nor from my culinary trained chefs back in Savannah nor from my experiences living part-time in Paris but they came from the numerous restaurants and cafés here in Bali that serve a part of their heart and soul on every plate. Let this book guide you to the most exciting, mind-bending, heart pounding vegan meals on the planet and when you go home, I encourage you to surprise, delight and impress your friends and neighbors with these plant based recipes. The world is your papaya…now go share it with others!

I M P O R T A N T N O T E S:

  • Love is the most important ingredient.
  • Cooking is an art not a science, don’t feel you have to follow every detail in these recipes. Quantities are estimates, playing with them is fun and encouraged.
  • If you don’t have an ingredient, delete it or improvise. If you don’t have enough of one thing, it’s okay to add something else.
  • These recipes are here to inspire & guide you, it is not an exam. When made from the heart you cannot fail (but if it really doesn’t taste great, add more salt).
  • I recommend that you purchase locally grown organic produce when available. There’s a special energy that gets transferred into the plant when it is seeded and harvested by human hands.
  • Eat less, live longer."