What is Bali Vegan Book?

Bali Vegan Book is a book of love! It’s a vegan cookbook and Bali vegan restaurant guide that contains 150+ recipes from 60 restaurants in and around Bali. From juices & smoothies, small plates to entrees and desserts, our book brings Bali to you, so everyone can learn to make those great dishes at home! More importantly, the book is here to show people that in today’s vegan world, changing to a vegan diet doesn’t need to be a sacrifice but a door to infinite creativity and possibility.

The Vision

We are here to motivate and inspire people to adopt a plant-based diet and lifestyle, to do less harm to other sentient beings while loving themselves with nourishing deliciousness and sharing with those they care for. Also, we are showing everyone that transitioning into a vegan lifestyle is easy and yummy. Nothing has to die for us to live – By consciously choosing what we put into our bodies, we are making changes for other lives and the planet every step of the way.

How can you benefit from collaborating with Bali Vegan Book?

Be an instrumental part of the vegan movement, but also:

- A free Bali Vegan E-Book.

- Receive unique discount code and get a commission with every E-book sale. (10% for your followers, 20% for you OR 15/15 - Your choice.)

- Discount rate at our vegan accommodation – Villa Mantra Studio & Detox (http://villamantrastudio.com) when visiting Ubud, Bali.

- A feature on our site with your profile and links to your blog/Instagram/other platforms, as well as future interviews of you!

- Be part of an exclusive mailing list with updates about Bali’s vegan food scene, new recipes and workshop information.

- And of course, we will always share your content when you tag us/link to us in your posts/stories!

What do you have to do?

It's really simple! Just have fun making the dishes from the book, share what you like about the book and/or visit the restaurants we showcased in the book (in the future) - write about it through your blog/social media accounts and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or link to our website.

We are always open to other ways of cooperating as well, so if you have any other ideas please feel free to suggest it!

Saving lives and the planet, one bite at a time – Simply by being who you are!

We look forward to hearing from you!