About the book

Q: What’s so special about the vegan food scene in Bali?

Bali grows some of the most nutritious, colorful fruits and vegetables due to its rich soil fertilized by volcanoes. This is one of the traits that draw some of the best plant-based chef around the world to create nourishing vegan dishes. From local cuisine with a vegan twist to international flavors, Bali surely is a vegan heaven! We’ve met many non-vegans who are genuinely inspired and surprised by the vegan dishes Bali has to offer, and we invite you to experience this magic!

Q: What can you expect in Bali – The Best Vegan Food From The Planet?

Bali – The Best Vegan Food From the Planet is a vegan cookbook and restaurant guide that introduces you to 150+ recipes from 60 restaurants around Bali, Indonesia that serve delicious vegan dishes with international flavors.

For those who have been to Bali or are in Bali – This book guides you to some of our favorite places to have a plant-based meal on the island while capturing the flavors from your travel memories and allow you to recreate the taste at home.

And for those who have not been to Bali or who are not vegan yet – The book can help you to plan your next vacation (vegan restaurant hopping is one of our favorite things to do in Bali!) It also contains nutritional benefits, inspirational quotes and vegan facts that are here to serve your transformation.

Don’t worry if you are a newbie in the kitchen – One of our goals is to show you going vegan is uncomplicated! The recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are available at your local grocery stores or can be easily replaced.

Q: What kind of recipes do you have in the book?

From juices and smoothies to breakfast; from small plates to entrees and desserts, we got you covered!

Q: Will I be able to find the ingredients in my home country?

Yes! The ingredients can be easily substituted as well. Remember, cooking is an art, not a science. Be creative!

Q: The recipes in the book are great, but I need help planning my meals as I am new to going vegan. Can you help?

Yes! We have a 21-day vegan meal plan coming soon. Stay tuned!

Q: How can I stay up to date with your future publications?

You can follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletters. We also have a blog.

eBook Download Technical Issues

Q: How do I download the eBook?

After you’ve made your purchase, you should immediately receive an email that has the link for download. If you haven’t received in a few minutes, check your junk mail or spam boxes.

Q: What devices can I download the eBook onto?

The eBook is compatible with PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets and iPads. It does NOT work with Amazon Kindle.

Q: I am an Android User, and my download keeps failing! What should I do?

Please make sure you have an app that's ready to read ePub before you download the file. You can try one of these eBook reader apps for Android.

Q: How many eBook downloads are available in 1 purchase?

Each download link you receive after the individual purchase contains 3 downloads.

If you have other issues, please contact us: info@baliveganbook.com

Payment & Shipping

Q: How much is the book and what are the payment methods?

The book is 349,000 IDR or 24.95 USD. (You can use https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ to find out how much is in your local currency.)

Q: Do you deliver in Bali?

Yes, we deliver via Gojek. Delivery fee is not included.

Q: Do you ship internationally and do you cover shipping?

Yes, we do ship internationally, but we don’t cover shipping!

However, we know that no one likes to pay for shipping, so all books that are shipped internationally come with an optional personalized message written in the book and a Balinese Temple Bracelet.

**As of April 2020, we are unable to ship to the US as all flights are suspended due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Q: Do you have a special bundle for eBook and the softcover?

Yes! Please find it in our Shop!

Other Questions

Q: I am an influencer/blogger, and I would love to collaborate with @baliveganbook! What should I do?

We are always looking for like-minded vegan foodies and travelers to work with! Send us your media kit to info@baliveganbook.com. Our team will evaluate how we can collaborate and get back to you as soon as possible!

Q: Is it true that you have an accommodation for vegan travelers in Bali?

YES, WE DO! We have a plant-based villa located in Ubud that is smoke & alcohol free and includes daily yoga classes, kitchen and a pool. Visit http://villamantrastudio.com for bookings and details!